A Diet Rich in Fiber

I have been knitting now for about four years, and spinning for a few months.  It turns out that nothing is as calming as spinning, and nothing is quite as satisfying as putting on a newly-completed article of clothing that I have just knit.  On top of all that, putting on something that I both spun and knit is a treat beyond comparison.  I have been spreading that joy a little bit, which was helped when each of the kids indicated to me that they wanted to have spindles for Christmas.

Here is Aurora’s first spinning.  She not only spun it up before I could get a picture of her with it, she also knit it up.  She’s much faster at knitting than I am.  Now we just need to get her some more fiber in this colorway so she can finish her scarf. 

While I was teaching the kids to spin their fiber, I got some out myself for demonstration.  This is the fiber I chose:

It’s a 60/40 merino/bamboo blend, and I really like the luster it shows.  I have split it into thirds, by weight, so it should work out to turn this into three-ply sock yarn.  I have one third of it already spun up, on my Louet spindle, and I need to get the rest done.  I’m thinking I’ll use the malachite spindle, since it’s slightly lighter than the Louet (and the lightest spindle I have.)  Which reminds me–I must put some money down on a Bosworth mini soon.  I’d like a sub-ounce spindle to play with.

In any case, I think that I have discovered that one of the keys to my happiness is how much time I spend working on fiber-related stuff.  I have also discovered that it’s far easier to take a spindle into the family room to watch TV and spin with the kids than it is to drag my wheel all over the place.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my wheel.  But I love my spindles, too, and I’m rediscovering that right now.

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Ktb38January 5th, 2009 at 4:56 am

I’m in LOVE with the silk. Where’s it from?

derickJanuary 5th, 2009 at 7:38 am

That is a custom order that our dear Tsarina sent me. I assume that Jennifer had something to do with it, since the note is written on the back of a Holiday Yarns card. They made me feel special…

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