Spinning update – February 2013

I keep spinning and knitting, but I don’t necessarily keep posting.  This is a catch-up posting.


EGS-Shetland-SpringBuds-spunThis is Shetland wool, spun to a 4-ply worsted weight.  I got about 180 yards from 4 ounces of wool.  I spun this on purpose to see if I can still make a worsted-weight yarn, but I still had to ply up to get there.  Top from Edgewood Garden Studios, “Spring Buds”.


FF-Romney-VineyardStroll-spunThis is Romney wool, spun to a 3-ply fingering weight yarn.  I got about 300 yards out of 4 ounces.  I played around quite a bit with the color on this on, so there are stretches that are nearly all reddish-purple, and some with only green and white strands.  Top from Fiber Fancy, “Vineyard Stroll”.
FF-Shetland-MustardAndHerbsThis is Shetland wool, spun to a light 3-ply fingering-weight yarn.  I got about 500 yards out of four ounces. Top from Fiber Fancy, “Mustard&Herbs”.
GS-Finn-MorningCoffee-spunThis is my first Finn wool, spun to a 4-ply light fingering weight. It really wants to spin thin! I got about 380 yards from 4 ounces.  Top from Gnomespun Yarn, “Morning Coffee”.
GS-Hampshire-TheDagda-spunThis is Hampshire wool, spun to a 4-ply DK-weight yarn, about 240 yards. I intentionally made this yarn a gradient yarn.  “The Dagda” from Gnomespun Yarn.
GS-Hampshire-TheDagda-hatAnd this is the hat I made from The Dagda.  I really like how the colorwork fits the finished object.
 WW-Shetland-LadyOfTheLake-spunThis is more Shetland wool (I really like Shetland), spun to a 3-ply fingering weight yarn, about 450 yards.  Top from Widdershin Woolworks, “Lady of the Lake”.
WW-Shetland-OrkneyIsles-spunAnd even more Shetland wool, spun to about 260 yards of 3-ply DK-weight yarn.  I was attempting to push this to a worsted-weight yarn, but this taught me what I needed to know when I spun the worsted-weight yarn above.  Top from Widdershin Woolworks, “Orkney Isles”.


GS-Hampshire-Rust-socksThe socks I made from the “Rust” yarn (see previous post).  The yarn is very springy and makes incredibly warm socks.  While they’re not soft in the way that Merino or Finn would be, I don’t dislike the hand of the knitted fabric at all.  I believe I will be making more downs-wool socks.
Note to myself: I don’t believe I have logged “Fiddleheads” (EGS Falkland) or “Lily Pad” (EGS Shetland), so if I find them and take pictures… yeah.  I know that I totally blew taking pictures of “Harvest” (Ali-Cat Fiber Arts Romney), and not only has that yarn been used to make a hat, the hat has since moved to its new home in Montana, so pictures are probably not happening. Bother, I think I’m getting worse at this instead of better.

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