Gnomespun Yarn update

I buy a lot of my spinning fiber from Dan Brewer, aka Gnomespun Yarn.  This is for a couple of reasons.

  1. I like Dan’s sense of color.  I lean towards fiber that will spin up to be lightly heathered or is at least made up of complementary colors.  This may change, as I’ve decided to work on spinning some self-striping yarn, but it’s where I’ve spent most of the past 4 years.
  2. I like that Dan provides some interesting fibers.  Merino and BFL are nice, in their place, but there are a LOT of types of sheep out there, each with its own wool characteristics.  I’ve been able to sample more of them, thanks to Dan, than I would have had he not made them available to me.
  3. I like sending my money to Dan.  I would like to meet Dan and take him out to dinner, too.  Too bad he’s way over there.  I figure it will happen one day.

In any case, all of the following yarns were spun from fiber I bought from Dan.  The first two are from the first iteration of Dan’s fiber club, which has a mythological theme.

Eos (Rambouillet – 528 yards of 3-ply light fingering)  Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn.  My daughter, Aurora, believes that she gets this yarn by right of naming.


Changing Woman (Shetland – 364 yards (between the four colors) of 3-ply light fingering)  Changing Woman is the Navajo representation of natural cycles, especially the four seasons, which are presented below as the four colors.


Besides the club fibers, I have a few others as well.
Bluegreen Algae (Targhee – 600 yards of 3-ply light fingering)  I actually finished this one up last summer, and have already knit socks from this skein, which I gave away to my sister-in-law, Aleisha.  I didn’t remember to take pictures of the socks before I gave them away, but trust me, they are awesome.

Deep Forest Shadows (BFL – 325 yards of 4-ply worsted-weight)  I bought and spun this specifically to make a new hat for myself, before I decided that I might be done with BFL. The hat is done, and it’s a fun hat, and I really should take a picture of it.  Meanwhile, here’s the yarn.

Deep Sea (Polwarth – 344 yards of 4-ply fingering)  This was turned into a pair of gloves I keep in my truck.  I wore them all winter to keep my hands from freezing to the steering wheel.

Mahogany (Cotswold – 240 yards of 4-ply fingering)  This, like most of the rest of the yarns, has not yet been knit into anything.  I’m not sure if I like Cotswold as much as some of the other wools, but I’m also very aware that they often feel different after having been knit into something than they do just skeined up.  Maybe I’ll love it.

Moose (Exmoor Mule – 280 yards of 3-ply fingering)  Exmoor is a downs-type wool, and I’ve come to believe that I really like them a lot.  Not as easy to find prepped downs wools as one might like, though.  Dan is possibly the only seller in the US to carry Exmoor.  I just got some Exmoor Horn combed top, partly because I had so much fun spinning this one up.

Muted Autumn (Rambouillet – 280 yards of 3-ply sport-weight)  This one was a carded prep, which begged me to spin long draw instead of my usual modified short draw.  I’m not as good at that, so there are some inconsistencies, but I’m claiming that just adds to the charm of the yarn.  I have sort of gravitated to combed prep because I do like me some worsted-style yarn, but this yarn, which is more of a woolen-style, feels awfully nice and warm.

Old Gold (Dorset – 389 yards of 3-ply light fingering)  Another downs wool, which I have decided I like.  The downs wools are supposedly more resistant to felting than other wools, so that sounds right for making socks.  This yarn is in fact being knit into socks right now.  For scale, those knitting needles are 2.75mm blackthorns.

Red Wine (Shetland – 312 yards of 3-ply light fingering)  Shetland has become one of my all-time favorite’s to spin.  Like the Changing Woman fiber above, this yarn has a softer ‘hand’ than I would have expected, given that it’s not a fine wool.

Rust (Hampshire – 320 yards of 4-ply fingering)  Hampshire is a downs wool that I hadn’t heard of before Dan put some up for sale.  I snapped this right up so I could try yet another wool, and was impressed by it.  Yep, I think I like the downs wools.

Soft Moose (New England Blend – 260 yards of 4-ply heavy fingering)  The New England Blend is Dan’s Sooper Sekrit recipe.  I wasn’t expecting the finished yarn to be as fluffy or as soft as it turned out to be, given how the unspun fiber felt to me.  Dan may be a wool blending genius.


I’m getting ready for this year’s Tour de Fleece.  I’ve joined Team Nekkid Cowboy, which is all about spinning Gnomespun fibers.  I have several ready.  We’ll see how it goes.


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SusanJanuary 11th, 2013 at 3:41 am

OMG, I am so jealous. Your spinning is wonderful and I have just found Dan’s shop on etsy . I will be buying his fiber to spin on my drop spindle and I hope it will be just as beautiful as the yarn that you have made. I think you have made me a life long fan of his .

Thank you
Susan(shortwonder on ravelry)

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