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It has been a long time since I have posted, so I’ll try to catch up as much as I can. I know I’ve missed some of my spinning adventures, so when I notice them, I’ll post them.

The fiber from the last post (autumn squash, falkland) has been turned into a lovely pair of socks. The first picture shows the colors better, while the second picture shows the textures better.

I haven’t worn them, yet. But I’m solidly convinced that I will spin more falkland in the future.

I spun this in my office, while I was waiting on phone calls or for processes to complete, or whatever. I took it home and just barely plied it together. It’s superwash Merino, and yielded about 465 yards out of four ounces.

It will be some lovely heathered socks.  Or something.

Aurora and I tried our hand at dying some fiber.  We did cake dyes set in a crock pot with citric acid.  Here’s what it looked like dying:

Here it is drying in my office:

Here it is as a skein of yarn:

And, finally, here it is on Aurora’s hands:

That’s what she had in mind when we started, although I think she had hoped for the yellow to show more rather than morphing into a green.

I joined a fiber club, from the inestimable BrewerGnome, aka Dan. His first offering was called “Anubis”, and was dyed the black, turquoise and orange associated with Anubis. It was a new fiber for me, Wensleydale, which has a surprisingly long staple length, especially when you’ve been spinning Merino. Dan also suggested that we might try fractal spinning, so that’s what I did with it. Here’s the resulting yarn:

And here it is, almost finished as a hat. Aurora thinks it need ear flaps before it’s done.

Another project, Woodsman. Superwash BFL. I’ve already posted about the fiber, so here’s a picture of the finished object, a pair of socks which I gave away just a couple of days ago. I should have tried them on, first, because I think they’d feel wonderfully warm.

I spun some Dorset fiber, which is apparently very tough to felt. This would make it ideal for socks, of course. I should get around to that…

That should be it, for now. I do know that I’ve got more to take pictures of, but that will wait for another day.

One side note: it’s snowing today, and I’m very glad for the wool I have on my feet, on my hands and on my head.

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