Fiber update

I didn’t finish the yarn from my last post in time for the February challenge (has it really been that long since I posted?) but I did finish it. Yarn is here:

It’s about 375 yards, so that should be enough for a pair of socks. My wife wants me to make some for her sister, so now I’m just waiting for foot measurements…

I also started (and finished) this wool pool yarn.

It was fun to spin, and although it isn’t as soft as some yarn, I could easily make gloves or something similar from this. It’s about 340 yards of three-ply yarn.

I finished this yarn from some top I bought in 2008 when I first started spinning. This merino was VERY squishy, and was easy to spin.

I got 540 yards of three-ply yarn out of this, which surprised the heck out of me. It was only 3.8 ounces to start with. Not sure what I want to make from it, either.

I bought this BFL a couple of years ago, too. It’s slated to become my new watchcap, so I spun it a bit thicker and made it 4-ply to try getting up to worsted weight. I didn’t quite make it (more like DK weight), but it is gloriously soft.

It’s about 340 yards.

Lastly, I finished the Exmoor Mule from my last post. That’s this yarn. It’s only 280 yards, which kind of surprised me, but that’s enough for gloves. I already knit some gloves for myself (should get a picture of them), so I’m not sure what this yarn will become yet.

For the future, this is on my wheel right now:

And this is on the spindle in my office:

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