First Batt

Up until now, I have mostly spun what a lot of people would call ‘roving’, although most of it is more correctly termed ‘combed top’. (Yes, the sampler I’ve been spinning is mostly carded roving or pin-drafted roving.) Another fiber prep is drum-carded batts, and I hadn’t touched one of those until recently.

My enabler convinced me that I needed to try spinning an Abby Batt, sometimes called Abby Crack. It wasn’t the cheapest stuff I’ve ever purchased, but for spinning enjoyment per dollar, it was top-notch.  Also, it’s not easy to get one of these.  I was warned by my enabler early on that a shipment of Abby Crack was on its way to one of her outlets, and I begged the store owner to sell me one (sight unseen).  It is entirely possible that none of them were ever displayed on the website because they were all sold prior to the shipment arriving at the store.

I forgot to take a picture of it before I spun it (of course), but I finished up the singles last night and was reminded to take pictures of that before I start plying. Actually, I was reminded in the nick of time, since the picture is of my plying ball.

An Abby Batt isn’t always made of the same ingredients. This particular batt is 60% merino and 40% tussah silk, and named “Denny”.  The colors in this picture are fairly true, even capturing the luster of the silk, but the photo hardly does justice to how the singles feel. They’re soft and smooth and amazingly pleasant to pet.

I’m almost sad that I’ve run out of unspun Denny, because it really was a joy to spin. I believe I now have some idea of what a decently-prepared batch of fiber feels like, both to hold in my hand and to spin.

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