I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I’m glad I planted the nectarine tree last year, because they were getting ripe. Well, today we picked all of them so Elenna and I can eat them in the comfort of the kitchen without all that messy walking through the yard to pick one. Okay, that didn’t really stop me much, but Elenna’s picky.

I should have weighed them and taken more pictures, because I know for certain that at least 10 of the fruits didn’t make it to this picture (and at least 5 are already gone since this picture was taken ten minutes ago…). Next year, I’ll actually fertilize the tree, and we’ll see if we can’t get even more!

You can see the last of the green gage plums (I ate most of the rest of those myself) and the first cucumber. We were a bit late getting the garden planted this year… I still only have green tomatoes. I’ll do better next year, promise!

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