Catching up: anemone

Started off with this merino, the first painted top I ever bought:

It’s lovely stuff, and I hesitated to spin it until I got my Bosworth spindle. That spindle deserved a good fiber to get broken in.

I can fit quite a bit on the little Bossie before I have to remove the cop from the spindle. I happily have a set of chopsticks that are the same size as the tip of the spindle’s shaft, so I can just slide the cop directly onto a chopstick and then just keep spinning. But I try to get as much in place as I can before I do that. I think I actually spun quite a bit more after this picture was taken before I transferred the cop to the chopstick.

I made a plying ball and I’ve started plying it, but plying is kind of uninteresting to me, so it’s been exactly like this for at least a week…

This is absolutely fingering weight, though, so I will be making a pair of socks from this. And it’s so soft…

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