My First Rocket

…although it might be clear that I didn’t pick the colors.  We had some metallic green paint in the garage that I wanted to use, but Aurora said that it wouldn’t be her rocket if we did that.  Fine, I hmphed to myself.  And so we bought pale pink.

She launched it yesterday at school.  I didn’t make it there to watch, but when she came home, all of the fins were ripped off of the rocket.   Aurora said that they came off when they launched it with an ‘A’ motor, which disappointed me.  I spent some time wondering out loud if we should have used more glue, a different type of glue, additional struts of material and so forth.  I was trying to console myself with the idea that this was, after all, my first rocket, and I would probably get better in the future.

Then she admitted that she had dropped the rocket prior to launch and broken one of the fins off–but she had taped it back on!  With lots of tape!

I think I have some idea now of why this rocket had a bit of a failure…

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