More on the photo project

I did some testing today.  Here are some shots from Alaric’s paper route, the first of each pair at 18mm and the second at 50mm.

Interesting how the focus of the whole photo changes, isn’t it?  The first seems to be trying to include the clouds and the second seems to be a little more focused on the near house and the far mountains.

Same kind of thing here.  The 18mm photo shows a sweeping expanse of clouds, backlit by the sun.  The second shows a distant mountain/island in the Great Salt Lake.

These two don’t show nearly as much difference as the previous sets, except that the second one seems to have some trouble with white balance.  :)  I’ll have to ponder on why this is.  Any ideas?

Also, I must admit that this is probably stuff that Mr Stauffer taught me back in 1987, but which the intervening years have somehow erased.  Still, it’s fun to learn, even if it’s relearning.

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