The photo project

I thought it would be a fun project to take a photo from the same place at least once per week for a year.  This spot is on my son’s paper route, which means I would be there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Of course, I missed last week due to my recovery from the surgery, so I’ve already blown it.  But I’m going to keep trying to get at least one per week anyway.

One thing that I’ve been wrestling with is that when I’m standing there on Cardiff Way, the steepness of the hill I’m standing on is evident, but it doesn’t translate very well to the photo.  I think it’s because I’m pulling the lens as wide as it will go (18mm) in order to try to get as much landscape in the photo as I can.  The twilight photo at the bottom was taken at around 50mm, and I think it shows a more true representation of what I see in person.

See the difference?

This has nearly convinced me that I need to buy a 50mm lens and ditch the zoom lens.  It makes me cheat a lot when I can zoom, and I think the laziness is starting to show in my photos.

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