Wishlist, the Next Iteration

I would like to obtain some of the following items.  I’ll be socking away my pennies in my personal savings account in order to get them.

(1) One or more of the Tsarina’s excellent sock kits.

(2) I’d like to play with a loom.  Spunky Eclectic has some interesting table-top looms for just a few bucks.

(3) A Golding spindle.  Those ring-weighted spindles look awfully tempting.

(4) A Bosworth spindle.  I just love the way these look and I haven’t ever run into a bad review.

I’ll add to this as time goes by, and maybe even I’ll be able to cross things off the list unless I keep spending all of my money on New Fiber:

I had made it nearly 2 months in between fiber purchases.  That’s, like, a record or something.

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TedFebruary 21st, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Holy Smokes!! Where did that gorgeous fiber come from? I don’t recognize the name on the label: “Shunklies”?

derickFebruary 22nd, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Why, from etsy, of course! I was really curious what it meant for the fiber to be called “Jacob Humbug”, so I ordered some to play with. The Jacob fiber is a little coarser than, say merino, but it worked out well for a hat.

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